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MUV is a key part of your retention strategy that understands the importance of our role in Clinical Trials and takes pride in managing your patients' journey - delivering a high-care, high-touch service that's available 24/7/365.

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Our real-time tracking and innovative technology provide the solutions to make your trial more efficient and effective. Partner with MUV for a streamlined participant journey and improved patient retention. We're committed to supporting your clinical trial success every step of the way.

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Do you pick up and deliver samples?

We provide pick-up and delivery services for samples. Our company, MUV, offers the convenience of delivering a product that has been properly packaged and sealed by the respective site, directly to a patient. Moreover, we also facilitate the collection of samples from patients and ensure their secure transportation back to the designated site. Our reliable service ensures the safe and efficient handling of samples throughout the entire process.

Do you have Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

We are incredibly proud to offer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles as a unique part of our services. We understand the importance of providing inclusive transportation options for individuals with mobility challenges. Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are specially designed to accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs, ensuring their comfort, safety, and convenience throughout their journey.

Do you work with CROs (Contract Research Organizations) specific to Clinical Trial clients?

We understand the unique transportation needs of clients involved in clinical trials, and we have experience working with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to meet those requirements. Our services are tailored to support the transportation logistics associated with clinical trials, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of participants, samples, and equipment as needed. We have established partnerships with CROs and are well-versed in the regulatory and compliance aspects related to clinical trials. Our team is equipped to handle the specialized needs of clinical trial clients, including the secure transport of sensitive materials and adherence to strict timelines. If you are a CRO or a client involved in clinical trials and require transportation services, we would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and provide a tailored solution.