Planning A Large Event? Don’t Let Transportation Logistics Overwhelm You

Whether event and meeting planning is a regular part of your job, or if you’ve taken on this task for the first time, you know managing all of the logistics can easily become overwhelming.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning for a large event, including keeping track of transportation logistics. In this post, we hope to provide you with some solutions for common headaches faced by planners when it comes to event transportation logistics.

Event Transportation Logistics Problem #1 – Keeping Track of Critical Information

At first, it seems so simple! And then, trying to keep track of which guest will be using which airline and who the correct contact was for that particular location starts to get…complicated.

Don’t worry – it’s a problem meeting planners and event professionals have been facing for years. Disconnected systems, spreadsheets, and contact repositories can only take you so far.

The Solution: a single location to store all relevant transportation information.

This can be a challenge, as simply storing this information is not enough. It’s important not only that you have all of the information in a single, easy to access location, but also that you can find the information you need quickly. This requires organization and dedication.

To keeping all of the information organized, you need to be diligent in updating your records and you should make sure you use a single system, so you don’t end up with outdated or conflicting data which can lead to serious confusion.

You also want to make sure your system is dynamic. There are going to be changes that need to be made, and making those changes should be simple. Bonus points if you can easily share data with other members of your team!

Event Transportation Logistics Problem #2 – No Reliable Updates

One of the most frustrating aspects of managing transportation for an event you are planning is receiving updates on and adjusting to ride status changes in real time.

Sure, flight details, delays and cancellations may get sent to you via email, but they may not be instantaneous…or they may not come at all. You may not actually know whether a guest was picked up at the right time, or if they made their connection, until it’s too late.

Additionally, trying to track spending can be a nightmare when you aren’t getting the information you need.

The Solution: A plan for receiving instant ride status updates for any and all guests.

You will want to know where your guests are and whether they have arrived at a designated location as expected. A truly useful solution will get you updates on all the information you deem critical, such as:

  • Real Time Flight Data: with information on flight details, delays and cancellations
  • Critical Flight Information: including baggage claim information.
  • Ride Status Updates: receive alerts on ride status updates for guests
  • Up To The Minute Data: on spending, receipt information, on-time performance, etc.

…and would do so instantly using text or email.

Event Transportation Logistics Problem #3 – No Way To Track Your Success

After everyone arrives at the event on time, you should be patting yourself on the back and telling yourself, “Wow! I’m truly a rock star!”

And rightfully so! But how can you track the successes for reporting or future event planning purposes?

In reality, most meeting and event planners find that after an event is over, they are faced with scattered bits of information in various locations.  Without consistent data, tying to quantify the amount of time and effort that goes into managing transportation logistics for large events and meetings to those not in-the-know can be impossible.

The Solution: find a way to store all of the data from any event, in a consistent format.

If everyone could only see the amount of work that goes into managing the transportation logistics for a meetings and events of any size, planners would receive an entirely new level of respect and probably a major boost in pay!

In order to track successes, you need a place where data can be:

  • Stored in a consistent format so that it can be used for accurate comparison
  • Reported On using ad hoc reports that can be saved for use across all events
  • Exported into a usable format for easy sharing

If all of the event information is located in a unified environment and in a consistent format, it will be much simpler to use that data to track and improve overall performance. Make this data shareable, and there’s finally a way to accurately report on the complexities of managing transportation logistics for events.

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