Getting Around During Super Bowl 2018 – What You Should Know

On February 4th, the 2018 Super Bowl is going to be the largest sporting event to take place throughout the entire world, not just on that day, but for the year. And while the Big Game is the main event, the City of Minneapolis expects to host over a million guests during the entire week leading up to that Sunday. Event planners who will have guests in Minneapolis during the time of Super Bowl 2018 will need to plan ahead for a safe and reliable ground transportation option, experienced in navigating an event of this size.

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With the frigid temperatures, strict security protocols and the anticipated crowd size, transportation for game day and the days prior is understandably the top concern for the city, the Super Bowl committee, and their guests.

Navigating The Twin Cities During Super Bowl Week

The Twin Cities expects an influx of more than 1 million people during the 10 days leading up to the Super Bowl. Visitors will be planning to patronize restaurants, theaters, and bars, stay in hotels, and join in on more than a week of Super Bowl celebrations, parties, and group events at the convention center, The Mall of America, and Nicollet Mall.

This means public transportation, taxis, and ride share options will be in seriously short supply during this time, potentially leaving some groups stranded for hours waiting on available transportation. In Minneapolis itself, public transportation options are limited to two light rail lines and public buses.

In order to secure reliable transportation, book a ground transportation service that will be dedicated to your guests with knowledge of the Twin Cities, so your guests don’t miss a minute.

Weather in Minneapolis

One of the greatest concerns with hosting Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis is the extreme winter weather. In the “Bold North” in February, the average daily high is only 24°F, and as much as a foot of snowfall is expected. It’s no wonder that the weather is a major factor to consider when planning Super Bowl transportation.

While Minneapolis was designed as a walkable city, between the extreme number of additional people in the area for the event, fewer than 10,000 hotel rooms available in the downtown area (all of which are already filled), and the frigid temperatures, few visitors to the city during Super Bowl week will be in a position to get everywhere they are planning to go by foot alone.

Reliable ground transportation will be more than a convenience, for guests wanting to make it to events in the area or arrive on time for dinner reservations, a designated transportation service will be a necessity.

Super Bowl Security – Getting To The Big Game

At the largest sporting event worldwide of the year, with all 66,000 seats at the stadium filled and thousands more tailgating and watching the game in nearby establishments, and the high number of celebrities, politicians and executives in attendance, it’s understandable that the Super Bowl is a Level 1 Security Event. Many attending the Super Bowl will be relying on public transportation on game day, but the public transportation option available is limited to two light rail lines and some public buses, where added security and incredible volume is expected to cause serious congestion.

When it comes to utilizing ground transportation for the Super Bowl, hiring a knowledgeable service that understands the complexities and intricacies of navigating a Level 1 Security Event of this size will be paramount if you plan for your guests to arrive anywhere close to the US Bank Stadium near game time.

Booking Super Bowl 2018 Transportation Services with MUV

At muv, we have more than 15 years of experience navigating transportation for major events, including past Super Bowls. We understand that security, trust, and professionalism are of the upmost importance to our guests. That’s why we provide secure transportation for you and your guests, tailored to fit your specific needs, throughout the entirety of this event.

When you book ground transportation services for the Super Bowl, we include:

  • Dedicated event manager on the ground with you in Minneapolis
  • Selection of safe, discreet vehicles with experienced drivers for secure, reliable transportation
  • Instant updates on road closures, safety procedures and traffic information
  • Use the muv Platform to easily access and manage all relevant information, from any device you use to access the internet

We are prepared for everything Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis might throw our way.

Our ground transportation services are built on not only getting you where you need to go, but providing transportation you can trust for the entirety of your trip, in Minneapolis and anywhere else you travel across the globe.

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