3 Reasons to Consider Ground Transportation vs. Renting a Car

If you travel for business yourself or arrange business travel for others, you know the hassle of booking, picking up, and returning rental cars.

Seasoned business travelers know all the “tricks” to best avoid car rental problems: book your vehicle early; shop around with different companies because the best rates and overall quality varies significantly from location to location; find a way to pick up your vehicle somewhere other than at the airport if you can to avoid extra charges; assume there will be extravagant additional fees included but know how to avoid the upsell; make sure you know where the nearest gas station to the drop off location is so you don’t waste time hunting one down to refill the tank when you’re hurrying to get on a plane…and so on and so on and so on.

And even when you do everything exactly “right” on your end, renting a car is still a hassle and a process rife with potential problems. When you’re traveling for business, you shouldn’t have to build in a contingency plan for every little possible hiccup in a car rental process.

Hiring a professional service to manage and provide your ground transportation, however, can eliminate all of these problems. Here are just 3 of the reasons why you should hire a service rather than rent a car when you travel for business:

Reason 1: Ground Transportation Services Are More Reliable

Every seasoned business traveler has at least one story of being let down by a car rental agency (even Jerry Seinfeld). It’s a common occurrence to show up to a location and not have a vehicle waiting for you, or to end up waiting for hours for your vehicle, even though you made a reservation for pick up.

When you book professional ground transportation services, the success of their business is reliant on providing you seamless transportation. That means if any hiccups do occur, the responsibility to have a contingency plan is on their shoulders, not yours.

Reason 2: Your Rental Car Doesn’t Come With a Knowledgeable Travel Guide

With easy access to apps like WAZE and Google Maps to help you navigate the geography of any city, plus Yelp, TripAdvisor or GrubHub to help you navigate everything else, the benefits of having a knowledgeable guide on hand are easy to overlook. But there’s always more to navigating a city than meets the eye, and no app on the planet can replace the knowledge someone who lives and drives the streets of a city professionally has to offer.

Reason 3: Driving a Rental Car is Much Less Efficient

Work does not cease just because you are traveling. While our connected world makes it easy to take work with you wherever you go, travel time can hinder the amount of work you’re able to get done during the day. If you don’t want work piling up in your absence or waiting for you back at your hotel room at the end of the day, don’t waste time driving long distances or sitting behind the wheel in traffic.

When you use a ground transportation service instead of renting a car, you can read those emails, focus on phone calls, and conduct business, all while traveling.

Professional Ground Transportation For Business Travelers

Many think cab services and ride share options like Lyft or Uber are their only other choice if they do not want to rent a car, but going with a professional Ground Transportation Management company is a much smarter and more reliable choice for business travel, especially if you travel internationally.

When you hire professional ground transportation, you know you will be working with drivers that are screened, licensed, and fully insured. You don’t have to worry that your rental car might not be there when you need it, or how to cover insurance and avoid penalties. When your car rental agency drops the ball, it’s your business that suffers.

Don’t trust your business to rental car agencies who are not motivated to provide you the best possible service; instead, trust a professional ground transportation service motivated to work for you.

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